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  • 1965 Ė 2015: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War by Recognizing the Honorable Service and Sacrifice of Vietnam Veterans!
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  2014 March-April Medical Team Report

2014 Annual Report and Vision for 2015

Vets With A Mission is a group of Vietnam veterans
and non-veterans who are dedicated to bringing healing, reconciliation and renewal to the people of Vietnam.

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Significant Events :: February

February 1965 – Communist Chinese threaten to enter the war if the Unites States invades North Vietnam.
February 1966 – Republic of Korea (South Korea) and Australia announce troop commitments to South Vietnam.
February 1967 – Dr. Bernard Fall, noted Historian of the French combat experience in Indochina, is killed by an enemy mine on Highway 1. He was accompanying the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, in Operation Chinook.
February 1968 – NVA launches siege of Khe Sanh; Battle for Hue continues; Richard Nixon announces his candidacy for President vowing to end the war in Vietnam under honorable conditions.
February 1969 – Allied Forces observe a 24-hour ceasefire during Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. Viet Cong and NVA forces commit 203 known truce violations in I Corps Tactical Zone alone and nearly 1,000 across the country.
February 1970 – At the Paris Peace Talks, US and world pressure forces the North Vietnamese to produce the first letter from an American POW, one who is held in South Vietnam.
February 1971 – Operation Lam Son-719 is launched by South Vietnamese forces into Laos.
February 1972 – In an historic visit, President Nixon arrives in the People’s Republic of China. He announces a reduction in the US military presence on Taiwan, and in exchange, Beijing agrees to encourage North Vietnam to seek peace with the US/South Vietnam.
February 1973 – North Vietnam and South Vietnam agree to a ceasefire in Laos.
February 1974 – The Khmer Rouge (Communist Cambodians) take control over Cambodia.
February 1975 – NVA captures Phouc Long Province.


Prayer Team

It is said that "Behind every successful man is a wife." Well, behind every successful ministry is a "Prayer Warrior".

If you would like to commit to praying for Vets With A Mission, Chuck and Joette, the Vietnamese people and for VWAM's humanitarian programs and projects; and you are ready to "Pray the price" so that VWAM doesn't have to "Pay the price," then send a request to be added to the VWAM Prayer Team.

Send an email to VWAM's Prayer Coordinator, Dr. James L. Simmons, D.of Min, at either or .

Also, if you would like to have a copy of Brother Jim's daily devotional, "This is the Day: A Daily Devotional," make sure you ask him about that!


Vietnam Reflections

November 2014

Sandy Sturch & Karen Williamson

Read PDF article here

  Floyd Olsen  

Vietnam Reflections

October 2014

Phil Carney
Board Member/Pastor

Read PDF article here

  Phil Carney  

Vietnam Reflections

September 2014

Merilyn Deniston
Volunteer/Project Coordinator 1990-1998

Read PDF article here

  Merilyn Deniston  

Vietnam Reflections
“I am Grateful!”

August 2014

Joette Ward

Read PDF article here

  Jim Proctor  

Read more at the Vietnam Reflections Archive - Click here!.

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  Medical clinic held at the DIEM KHAN BENH TU THIEN CENTER  
  Pictured here is a medical clinic held at the DIEM KHAN BENH TU THIEN CENTER in 2009.  
Children's Heart Sponsorship Program
  Hoang Ngoc Phat a beneficiary of a VWAM Heart Surgery.  
  Hoang Ngoc Phat a beneficiary of a VWAM Heart Surgery.  
How You Can Help
  Volunteer Rachel Foster of Houlton ME, a Pharmacy Tech now in Pharmacy School, prepares to carry an elderly woman upstairs to one of VWAM’s examining physicians at Loc Vinh Health Commune in the village of Loc Vinh, Hue Thua Thien Province.   Volunteer Rachel Foster of Houlton ME.
Copyright Sandy Riley
  Details about the team effort can be viewed at the “Projects" link.  
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