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How Can You Join Us As A Heart Surgery Sponsor?

Dr. David Jester sits with a young boy in need of a heart surgery. It is the generosity of people like you that make heart procedures for children like this possible. VWAM is the voice that speaks for each of child in thanking you for making their life changing surgery possible. Please consider making a donation today.




First,  click here to download the Heart Sponsorship Form , decide how you want to sponsor a heart surgery. Please fill-out the information request.
Second, if you have a question about your donation, please contact Chuck Ward at the contact info below. If you have a question about your heart surgery sponsorship, contact Dr. Michael Bernardo, M.D., Medical Director, at

Third, print out the form and make your check payable to Vets With A Mission and return both to: 

Vets With A Mission  
POB 202
Newberry, SC 29108-0202

VWAM’s Children’s Heart Surgery Program (CHSP) will sponsor its 60th heart procedure/major surgery sometime in 2017. As patients are seen daily, VWAM looks for the “Special patient” that has a life-altering or life-saving health issue. That patient is selected based on several factors including financial, age, family and whether it’s life-threatening. All prospective special patients are prioritized and chosen based on need and availability of funds. Each team, in addition to paying for their trip, raise approximately $11,000 for medicines and $10,000 for surgeries including heart. If you want to help save a life by sponsoring a surgery or help VWAM to provide the medicines that are needed , click on the button below.


Fill out your details below and we will send you more information in regards to sponsoring a heart surgery for a disadvantaged child in Vietnam.



Vietnam vets served our country on land, sea and in the air to help the Vietnamese people. It was said, “We were the best and the brightest.” Well, we believe that is still true today. Vets return for a number of reasons including personal, religious/spiritual and humanitarian. Vets With A Mission is dedicated to reconciliation in helping Vietnam veterans and all veterans – even those of former South Vietnam, North Vietnam and the Viet Cong – to honor the past and embrace the future. Vietnam is no longer a war; it is a country. Since 1989 nearly 2,600 volunteers, both veterans and non-veterans, have traveled to Vietnam with VWAM. Now you can join us in making a difference in your life and the lives of others.